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We all aspire to be the best we can be at the things that are important to us. Our goals invariably involve being with or working with other people. It is in these relationships that the real challenge lies! To get the best from ourselves and others requires insight and insight doesn't just happen, it comes only through deliberate self-reflection.

This site offers a dozen tools for young people, teachers, lecturers, team members, team leaders and parents to allow them to reflect on their motives, emotions and attitudes. These profiles are personal reflection tools, not standardised tests, designed for insight and discussion, to help individuals figure themselves out.

Each profile is based on the framework that has emerged from Alan Mclean's research over the last twenty years, outlined in his four books, into the sources of self-motivation and wellbeing. The framework is designed to encourage objectivity and honest self-reflection and build insight, particularly into how others affect us and how we affect them.

Each profile gives feedback in the form of a personal chart that can be used for self-reflection, but more usefully for a structured and focused discussion.

This web site does not keep a record of any profile data.

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